Face Care
Arish Ayurvedic Face Cleanser (Normal to Dry) image

Arish Ayurvedic Face Cleanser (Normal to Dry)

Active Ingredients: Orange and Saffron Oil (Alcohol free, Soap free) water based cleanser.
Indication: Maintains the pH balance of the skin (effective for dry chapped skin, makes it soft, fair and smooth.)
Directions for use: Use with cotton twice daily or as required. Tingling sensation may occur after application. Shake well before use

 100 ml – Rs.185/-


Really works wonder and gave me a new lease of youth liveliness and jou.
Debamita Bose (officer) kolkata

Arish Hair Plus Premium is amazing, I am totally satisfied with its result as it matches with my hair quality and gines me the result whivh is amazing.
Swapna Dutta (housewife)